Spiseriet in Skjåk – a cozy farm restaurant in the local tradition

Do you appreciate wonderful food made from scratch with local produce?  Visit Spiseriet in Skjåk – a farm restaurant with refined, wholesome food served in our atmospheric dining room.

Spiseriet restaurant at Fjelleventyret in Skjåk opened in the spring of 2021. It is open daily throughout the summer.  

Many of our guests express their delight at finding a restaurant with so many local tastes and ingredients.   With our close connection to organic produce from the area, Spiseriet is Skjåk’s very own farm restaurant.  

A farm restaurant with hearty food

The cook Hanne serve up meals made with a love for fresh, local produce from Gudbrandsdalen.  

At our farm table, the food is made from scratch, robust and hearty, yet always served with an elegant twist.  Enjoy a nice lunch or dinner as a part of your mountain adventure! 

We are fully licenced and offer a large, select wine menu as well as a variety of homemade beers. 

The cook

Hanne who runs Fjelleventyret together with Magne Håvard, opened Spiseriet farm restaurant with a dream of making food as magical as the beautiful natural surroundings in Skjåk.  

Hanne has an extensive background as a cook.  She worked for years with the renowned Norwegian chef Arne Brimi.  Work at the embassy in Singapore was followed by an extended period at a top restaurant in Tuscany, Italy.  Finally, she worked with Dag Tjersland at Baltazar restaurant in Oslo, before she decided to finally return to her roots.  The mountain settlement of Skjåk has been Hanne’s home for the past 20 years. 

bord med glass og tallerk på fjelleventyret i skjåk sitt spiseri
spiseriet om kvelden

Our own food production

Fjelleventyret produces a small variety of delicacies, and many of the dishes in the kitchen are made with our own produce.  

We produce our own cured or smoked sausages made of wild reindeer, wild sheep and deer.  From our own smokehouse we offer juniper berry smoked trout. Be sure to ask what we have on offer!   

Fjelleventyret is associated with HANEN, the national organization for rural tourism and farm produce.  

Opening Hours 

The farm restaurant Spiseriet is open daily from 15. June – 15 August.  The kitchen is open between 13:00 and 21:00.  

From 15. August and onwards, the farm restaurant is only open for especially announced events or the occasional speciality night.  Let us organize your evening!  Contact us for information about the different arrangements and parties we can organize.  

Contact us to book a table or send a request. 

Fra Hanne sin tid på juniorlandslaget – som eneste jenta på laget, og det første juniorlandslaget som ble dannet i Norge under Hovedlandslaget i år 2000. VM- og OL-medaljene henger i Spiseriet.